There are quite a fews post circulating online recently regarding keeping a rope bottom bag and what people ought to keep in it, while I don’t specifically have one, when at events etc. I do have certain essentials I like to have with me.

  • Bio Oil – Particularly if I am performing, it helps SO much with rope marks, particularly ones from stressful suspensions where the rope may move slightly.
  • Palmer’s Cream – reduces marks, scars and the nicest smelling best moisturiser I know of.
  • Arnica Cream – bruise recovery.
  • Hair ties / chopsticks – because individual hair snags suck and chopsticks can be taken out easier than a hair tie.
  • Blanket / some form of warm comfort clothing – snuggles and self pampering after rope is always lovely.
  • Water – Got to keep hydrated.
  • Sugary drink and some carbs – Got to keep nourished, and after an intense scene sometimes a sugar rush is required.
  • Slippers – Okay not really an essential but I can not think of a situation that does not require slippers. 😉

If I was tying with someone other than a regular rope partner I would also have the following:

  • EMT Shears – if I were to be tied with someone other than Dave I would make sure I had a pair, then I am confident the rigger tying me has a reliable means of cutting the rope.
  • Tenegui – So I am confident it is clean (I have a bit of a drool phobia when it comes to other peoples drool)
  • Candles – So I know they are a temperature I find enjoyable. Surprise scaldings suck!


I would be interested to hear what you consider essentials for your rope scenes and why you consider them to be essentials.