The success of your rope experience as a bottom is often dependent on your frame of mind, how you are feeling and how open you are to the experience.

This is easier said than done at times.

There are techniques you can use to assist with this and you might already do them. Just like any physical activity, a warm up will always benefit. This is not any different for the mind.

Sometimes that warm up can be letting go and clearing your mind.

Taking a few minutes to prepare before you do rope, to focus and ground your mind will likely benefit your experience. A lot of the time we want to connect with our partners, to open up, trust and let go. I think it is important first to connect with yourself. Take a few minutes to spend time with yourself, really listen. Focus on yourself and what you’re feeling. Open your mind and acknowledge what you are feeling, both the positive and negative.

In my own experience, I have trusted and let go more intensely to my partner, when I have trusted myself and opened my mind to myself first. When I am open minded, I have so much more room for my partner, all the clutter is gone and I can speak and hear clearly without words, with only the rope.

I think taking these moments before rope can help remove outside noise, is calming and neutralises your mind. When I do this, I feel better able to go where the scene goes. While taking these moments before a scene does not guarantee against a bad one, it greatly enhances the chances of a good one.

In rope there are no lies, you cannot hide from yourself, it can be good practice to spend some time acknowledging yourself before you let go.