Connection is the new buzzword in the rope community at the moment, all the cool kids are using it. Sometimes taught as Ichinawa, a technique which is often taught with one rope to simplify things and break them down, but can be applied to all bondage. What is connective rope? Well, it’s doing rope with someone you have a connection with. It’s that simple.

Why is it when ‘connection’ is mentioned, most people roll their eyes or go all doe eyed.

This is usually down to one of two things, the bad press ‘connection’ has had in the rope community in the past year or the fact tops and bottoms feel this is how it ‘should’ be done.

Bad Press: It comes down to intention, why do you want to tie or be tied with connection? If you already have a connection with your partner, this should not be a problem, attending a class on connective tying sounds ideal. You will learn different techniques and rope handling to tie your partner up in a way that will bring this connection out. As a bottom, you will learn different ways of communicating and responding to your top. The class (with whatever terminology Ichinawa or Connection etc) should be beneficial for you.

There are a few who do not have these good intentions, they are only a select few but unfortunately it is these few who bring such bad publicity to this wonderful technique. Those who attend these classes for the purpose of using these techniques to prey on rope bottoms, give them a false sense of ‘intimacy’ and use these techniques to push limits and boundaries.

My advice would be to bottoms to consider how connected you are to your rope partner before you tie together. If your connection grows while tying wait until you are finished and re-evaluate when you are not blissed out on a rope high. If you feel the same, proceed.

There are many rope bottoms who tie with different riggers and remain unscathed. My advice would be to apply some caution. I have heard of far to many rope bottoms who got caught in the ‘connected moment’ only to regret what happened next.

How it ‘should’ be done. I have said before and will say again, there is no right or wrong way to behave in rope. React naturally and you should have a fulfilling and positive experience. Be patient, it can take time to build a connection with a partner. Sometimes a connection happens instantly, other times it needs nurturing and most of the time it needs trust.

Don’t ever feel pressured or obligated to act a certain way in rope especially if you are not comfortable with the direction things are developing. Not every touch of rope from every partner will induce a space face instantly, being patient and taking things slowly might develop some amazing relationships.

Its not all bad. 

If you have never been to a rope class on Connection, I highly recommend them. If you do decide to go to a rope class on connection, be prepared to do some connective rope techniques, they often involve getting close and intimate with your partner. Going with your ex partner or someone you have just met may not be the ideal choice. If things get awkward and you have to leave or sit back and watch, you are going to miss out on the fun. Choose your rope partner wisely, preferably someone you don’t mind getting close and intimate with.